Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mount Fuji

I have seen this recipe somewhere on the web, but can't remember the name given to this drink. Since it is green, brown, and (what was supposed to be) white, just like a mountain capped with snow, I decided to call it Mount Fuji in honor of Midori's Japanese roots.
Really delicious. not too sweet, not too heavy, light on alcohol, truly worth your while.

To prepare Mount Fuji, layer carefully:
  • Midori
  • espresso
  • cream
I used decaf espresso, and poured it while still hot. I guess regular espresso would have been as good, and would have the additional benefit of caffeine, but it was too late when I prepared this drink. For the cream I used heavy whipping cream, but I believe something lighter would not hurt at all. Also, slightly less cream and slightly more Midori may make this shot even better.


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NIce collection of layered shots.
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